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Vacation Trades by Seniority Closes November 30

Date: November 29, 2022

Second round vacation awards were published last week and vacation trades by seniority is currently open and will close November 30 at 8:00 (HDT).

After viewing Open Vacation Time Allocations from the myVacation page, you have the option to create trade requests through November 30th.

There are multiple criteria that can be specified when submitting a request, such as start date, number of days, and slide, as well as the ability to modify and delete any requests that have been entered. 

The system will review all requests, one at a time, for a Flight Attendant until one is awarded or until their list of requests has been exhausted, and no trades can be made. The order in which requests are processed is based on the “Request Priority” specified by the Flight Attendant when submitting each “OT” Trade by Seniority request. 

The system will evaluate the list of trade requests in seniority order, either awarding a trade or leaving the trade request as unawarded if no trades are possible for the specified dates.

When the system has reviewed all trade requests for all Flight Attendants at the base, it begins again with the most senior Flight Attendant and reviews again any trade requests that remain unawarded in the event that a trade can now be made. 

Once a trade request has been awarded, the system will no longer look back at that particular request to see if a higher preference trade request date has become available. 

The system continues this process until all possible trades have been granted.

For full details about this process, how to view allocations, and instructions on submitting/changing/removing requests is, reviewed thoroughly on our Vacation Page: https://unitedafa.org/schedule/vacation/.

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