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AFA Debrief : December 01, 2022

Date: December 1, 2022

AFA Debrief – December 1, 2022

  • Hotel Rooms for Sits Scheduled or Delayed Greater than Four Hours
  • Flight Attendant Obligations when Summoned for Jury Duty
  • Jetway trading from Former Bases at FRA, HKG and NRT
  • Cintas Website Blackout Period
  • Welcome Class 2239

Hotel Rooms for Sits Scheduled or Delayed Greater than Four Hours

Section 5.B. of our Contract outlines the obligation of the company when scheduled at a layover station in excess of four hours (Section 5.B.1.) or are delayed at a layover station for four hours or more at the time the delay is known or after reporting for duty at the home domicile there is a delay of four or more hours from the time the delay is known. (Section 5.B.2.)

There may be circumstances where an originally scheduled “sit” which is less than 4 hours becomes greater due to early arrival of the inbound flight or other mitigating criteria. In these occurrences the requirements of Section 5.B. do not apply because the “sit” is not scheduled nor has there been a delay establishing the requirement. Another consideration is to be aware of the time when the delay is known.

If you find yourself in a situation where a delay results in a sit greater than 4 hours at the time the delay is known, you should contact the crew desk to request the hotel room.

Flight Attendant Obligations when Summoned for Jury Duty


When summoned for Jury Duty, Section 15.M.1. of our Contractual outlines specific Flight Attendant obligations and establishes how we are paid for this civic duty.

  • A Flight Attendant shall inform their supervisor no later than forty-eight (48) hours after having received such notice of the obligation to Serve.
  • A Flight Attendant who adjusts their schedule after receiving a jury duty notice shall only be entitled to receive flight pay loss (LH), or pay for missed Reserve days, in their original schedule.


In terms of pay:

  • Lineholder: receives flight pay credit, and all accruals, for any flight time lost due to the requirement to be present for jury duty.
  • Reserve: receives pay credit at the (Reserve) daily rate and all accruals for each Reserve Day lost due to the requirement to be present for jury duty.
  • A Flight Attendant shall be available for reassignment on those days originally scheduled for duty which do not conflict with the jury duty assignment.
  • In addition, after five (5) or more consecutive days of jury duty, or combination of flight duty and jury duty, the Flight Attendant will be guaranteed two (2) additional days off with no loss of pay.


A comprehensive Jury Duty - Flight Attendant Guide in Help Hub details the procedures for notifying the company once we have received a Juror Summons.


It’s important to note that just because you may be summoned for a block of days, you are not necessarily released and paid for those days, depending on the circumstances.


For example, if you are required to call the day prior to your Jury Duty assignment to determine if you may be selected, you should follow the procedures outlined in the Help Hub guide. If you are released and not required to be included in the selection process, you would not receive any trip drops/pay.  Similarly, if you are selected to be in a jury pool but not yet determined to be on a jury, your pairings/Reserve days would be dropped once that information is known; not in anticipation of what may occur.


Additionally, there are several requirements following your Jury Duty to complete to close out the process of which you should make yourself aware. We encourage you to review this publication from the company upon receipt of your Juror Summons and before you submit the Jury Duty Request Form or making any changes to your schedule.


For more information, please contact your Local Council Office.

Jetway Trading from Former Bases at FRA, HKG and NRT

Under the provisions of Section 7.P., jetway trades from FRA, HKG and NRT were allowed while these locations were Flight Attendant domiciles. Given the large number of Flight Attendants commuting to the United States from these former Domiciles, as provided for in the Jetway Trade Expansion Letter of Agreement (LOA #20), AFA and United management entered into discussions to determine whether jetway trading could be expanded at these international locations. 

We are happy to share that United management has agreed, on a trial basis through February 2023, to allow jetway trades from FRA, HKG and NRT subject to the following terms:

  1. Both flight attendants must adhere to all of the terms of Section 7.P. of the Agreement, with particular attention to 7.P.1., 7.P.2., 7.P.3. and 7.P.4. in order to ensure operational integrity;
  2. The trial will run through the February 2023 bid month, unless we begin to experience operational disruptions due to Jetway Trades in these locations, in which case the company reserves the right to immediately cancel the trial, with notice to the Association;
  3. Commencing with the March 2023 bid month, and assuming that the trial is not canceled in the interim, we will continue to allow Jetway Trades from FRA, NRT and HKG on on-going basis, however the company reserves the right to cancel Jetway Trades from FRA, NRT and HKG should we begin to experience operations disruptions due to Jetway Trades in these locations;
  4. Except for the expansion of Jetway Trades to FRA, NRT and HKG, according to the terms of this agreement, the other terms of Section 7.P. and the JCBA remain unchanged;
  5. The terms of this agreement are without precedent, practice or prejudice to any future situation.


Cintas Website Blackout Period

Due to Cintas website undergoing maintenance, uniform employees will not be able to access the site from Nov. 28 – Dec. 5.

During this blackout period, employees will not be able to view or purchase uniform garments.


Welcome Class 2239!

We are excited to welcome our newest flying partners from class 2239 as part of our Flight Attendant community. Our newest flying partners will begin their careers at bases in BOS, CLE, DEN, EWR, GUM, and IAD.

We encourage you to welcome each of them amiably, help them learn from your experience, and get them started on a path to success and adventure in their new career.

Please remember that our newest Members are on probation. To ensure that they receive the most accurate information to support them, direct them to their Local Council for assistance on Contractual issues.

And if you would like to become an AFA Buddy, reach out to your Local Council to learn how you can become part of this vital link to their success.


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