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Minimum Crew Verification Reminder

Date: December 13, 2022

FAA Minimum crew requirements are regulatory, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) have been put into place to ensure the correct number of Flight Attendants are onboard every flight, every day.  Following these established procedures is the key to our success.

An essential part of the SOP process to ensure the correct number of Flight Attendants are onboard every flight is the badge scanning that occurs at the departure gate prior to boarding the aircraft. 

In acknowledging the many reports, we have received from many of you detailing directions from personnel at the airport that have been contrary to these procedures, we recognize the inconsistency that has resulted in some confusion.

Working with management in our ongoing effort to eliminate this confusion, today an Inflight Services Safety Alert has been released reminding all of us of the SOPs that are to be followed to ensure regulatory compliance.

Of particular importance, this publication establishes clearly

  •        Each working Flight Attendant must present their United ID badge to the Customer Service Representative (CSR) for verification prior to scanning their badge, and
  •        Flight Attendants MUST NOT scan their badge until they are ready to board the aircraft.
  •        There should never be deviations from these procedures to ensure our regulatory obligations are met for FAA minimum crew.

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