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Reminder- EOM Adjustment Options while Bidding for New Month

Date: December 15, 2022

With bidding for the January bid month underway, Flight Attendants who have pairings that carry over from the December bid month to the January bid month are reminded of the contractual Month to Month Line Adjustment Process should your January Bid Award potentially conflict with your December overlap pairing into January.  Section 7.E. of our Contract provides the mechanism by which month to month line adjustments are resolved.

Although the process can be confusing, we encourage Flight Attendants to review the information and illustrations provided in the Adjustment Overview Guide

Keep in mind, as an income protection feature, as provided in Section 7.E.8.b. the company may use “reserve adjustment:” or RA days when there are no pairings available with which to adjust your schedule in the new month unless you require the company not use RA days when adjusting your schedule.  To provide this direction, access the Adjustment Request Screen as follows:   CCS >> Schedule >> Adjustment Request.  Be certain to Save the form once it is completed.

If you have additional questions, please contact your Local Council for assistance.

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