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Correcting Per Diem Rate – Missing September 2022 Contractual Per Diem Increase

Date: December 20, 2022

Section 5.A. of the Contract establishes the per diem rates, domestic and international, that Flight Attendants will be paid.  In 2016, the base per diem rates were established on the date of signing as follows: - $2.20 domestically and $2.70 internationally.  Further, Section 5.A.1.b. establishes that these rates will be increased by five (5) cents every two years after the date of signing.   Rates were subsequently increased in 2018 and 2020.

The Union has identified, and the company has confirmed, as a result of an inadvertent oversight, that the rate increase that should have become effective in September 2022 was not applied. 

The table in the payroll system containing per diem rates has been updated and all rates in the December pay register accurately reflect the rate increase.

Work has been underway to capture the additional per diem due as a result of not having applied the increase for the months of September, October, and November 2022.  United Payroll is working to fund an off cycle check prior to year’s end consistent with the requirements of Section 3.BB.6.  

Consistent with the requirement, there are approximately 410 Flight Attendants who will receive off-cycle checks dated December 21, 2022, for amounts that exceed $50.  The remaining 21,582 Flight Attendants will receive the adjustments on their next pay check which will be the first pay check in January which is payable on the first business day of the month, January 3, 2023.  All LHR Flight Attendants will receive the adjustment on their January 3, 2023, pay check.

Per diem reports will be updated based on the calendar year in which the payment is made.

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