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Keeping It Professional – Seek Union Assistance First!

Date: December 20, 2022

AFA has consistently urged Flight Attendants to exercise discretion and to be conscious and deliberate when electing to share information and/or opinions not only on social media but also in our interpersonal communications with other employees. And, as we come to learn more about each other, it is reasonable to expect that some our viewpoints will be shared while we may differ on others. It is these differences that make us stronger and displaying genuine tolerance toward one another is essential in fostering and developing our professional relationships.

As Flight Attendants connected through our Union, we are all part of something greater than ourselves.  As AFA-CWA Members we are about Flight Attendants taking care of Flight Attendants. We look out FOR each other. If we have a problem or disagreement with another Flight Attendant, Pilot or CSR, all efforts should be directed to first politely try to resolve the issue directly with the employee. If that was not successful, we utilize the skills and competencies of our AFA EAP/ Professional Standards Representatives who will work to resolve any misunderstanding or disagreement outside the watchful eye of management. 

As part of AFA’s Employee Assistance/Professional Standards Program, we have trained volunteers available to you in every domicile. After listening to your concerns, EAP/Professional Standards representatives will follow up on the situation and pursue the appropriate course of action necessary to deescalate and resolve any misunderstanding.


Because confidentiality is the cornerstone of AFA’s EAP/Professional Standards, Committee representatives will not report back to you concerning any conversations with any Flight Attendant or other company representative nor will they review any recommendations that were made during any follow-up conversations. Together, we can keep each other safe.

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