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Holiday Message

Date: December 24, 2022

It’s that time of the year when we get together with family and friends to celebrate the season of giving; to share meals and exchange gifts and, in so doing, to emphasize the importance of the connections we have with our families and each other.  Christmas is a time when expectations run high and, very often, these expectations are even higher because there has been a significant period of planning in anticipation of the family traditions recognizing the event. 

Where some families place an emphasis on Christmas Eve, others have a higher level of anticipation on Christmas Day itself.  When schedules go awry and well-constructed plans end up having to be altered, it’s important that we keep in the forefront, the reason for the season.

The past several days has presented weather conditions across the United States that have impacted United’s operation, the results of which have proved disruptive to the plans of the most earnest of travel planners.  While many have planned to travel to places far away from home to join family and friends, others such as us have had plans to simply return home to be with our family and friends to celebrate the holiday. 

While the weather may be unpredictable, and the operation sometimes unreliable, consistently we are the common thread that runs through the tapestry that will become the holiday memory for the thousands of travelers we carry in our ongoing effort to unite and connect people from different parts of the world.  Our passengers look to us for reassurance.  As we bring the best part of ourselves to the work we do as safety professionals, they are always assured that they will be well cared for on each leg of their journey to the place they call home.  We share with our passengers the often-unspoken understanding that none of us can control weather or prevent disruption to the most well laid out plans.  At the same time, we offer a level of care and compassion that can turn the worst situation into one that is truly memorable. These invaluable efforts are our collective contribution, our gift, during this season.

The work we do every day on every flight is challenging and is made even more so during the holiday season because of the expectations attached to the events tied to the holiday.  Because of these events, the challenges take on more of an emotional component.  As we rise to the occasion and take on these challenges, we make a difference in the lives of so many people.  Often times, the value of our work and the efforts we make are not recognized in the moment.    But we do make a difference. We make it possible for people to come together for not only the holidays, but for the events that build lifetime memories.

Whether you are flying on the holiday making it possible for people to connect with their loved ones, returning home after a flight assignment to spend the holiday with family or friends or observing the season in your own personal way, may this holiday season be meaningful and memorable.

On behalf of the United Master Executive Council and the many volunteers who make up the Committees doing the work of our Union, we wish you and those you love the joy and hope of the season.

With our best wishes for a Happy Holiday Season,

Ken, Adam, Jeff

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