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Home Domicile Time and Duty Day

Date: February 25, 2022


As safety professionals and aviation’s first responders, the amount of time we are on duty can affect our ability to respond in an emergency situation adequately and efficiently. Given our understanding that we need to be alert and able to respond to quickly changing circumstances, we have collectively worked hard over the years to influence working conditions that create circumstances where this is optimally accomplished while always putting the interest of Flight Attendants first.

Understanding how to calculate your duty day empowers you to uphold your Contractual rights. We encourage everyone to review Maximum Duty Time Limitations Section 6.S. of our Contract. Save this article and its charts to your mobile phone to have readily available when you need it.

As a reminder when calculating your maximum duty time, it is always based on your home domicile time.

For example: If you are Boston (BOS) based and you are beginning day two of your pairing; on a leg departing from SFO with a 4:45AM check in - your home domicile time is 7:45am. You would use 7:45 AM check-in to determine the amount of time you can be on duty for that particular day.

To learn more about duty day limitations contact your Local Council.

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