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ASC Trust - CMI 401(k) Investment Plan Changes

Date: March 8, 2022

This week, the company affirmed its notice to participants in the Continental Micronesia 401(k) Savings Plan (GUM) will be changing this March 15, 2022. Those affected received a notice in January regarding, what was at that time, upcoming change explaining the new fund lineup and the impact the change may have. 

Effective March 15, 2022, the new investment options lineup will include more passive investment strategies allowing participants to significantly reduce the investment management fees they pay each year and provide more opportunities for participants to better diversify their portfolios.

If you are a Flight Attendant with retirement funds in the ASC trust and are affected by this change, you have until Friday, March 11, 2022, at 5:00 PM (ChST) to change your current elections. A FAQ is available on Help Hub, and you may reach out to the ASC Trust directly at 1-671-477-2724 with any questions or concerns.

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