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Clarifying Operational Fly Through for Lineholders

Date: March 15, 2022

We’ve received a number of questions regarding Operational Fly Through and how this provision of the agreement applies when picking up and or trading pairings with another Flight Attendant.

Foundationally, it is important to understand a Flight Attendant may elect vacation Fly Through either before or after the award of monthly schedules.  When doing so, different rules apply and the mechanism by which each is accomplished are different.  Whereas Advance Vacation Fly through must be elected no later than the fifth of the prior month at 10:00AM local time, Operational Vacation Fly through occurs after the award of monthly schedules, at the Flight Attendant’s discretion.

Partial Vacation Fly Through is permitted as part of the Advance Vacation Fly Through process.  It is not possible to do a partial vacation fly through using the Operational Fly Through provisions of our Contract.

Whereas Operational Fly through initially required the intervention of Crew Scheduling to accomplish, automation improvements have been made which provide lineholders with the ability to complete the Operational Fly through using automation that exists in CCS.  There is no longer a need to contact Crew Scheduling to facilitate Operational Fly Through.

The act of picking up or trading a pairing from another Flight Attendant into or over the awarded VAC period in the line of flying will result in the automatic processing of the Operational Fly through at the same time the trade is processed.  The result of the trade or pick up for lineholders electing an Operational Fly through is that VAC days will be removed from your schedule and the value of the vacation will be placed in Add Pay.  You are now able to pick up or trade trips from another Flight Attendant into what was once your vacation period

For lineholders electing to fly through their vacation: the VAC days will be removed from your schedule, and you will be able to pick up time trade into pairing from other Flight Attendants on those days.  The value of your vacation will be included as “Add Pay.”

Flight Attendants may only pick up trip pairings within the vacation period from another Flight Attendant (unless otherwise permitted by the Company).  No other trading restrictions apply during the month.

Flight Attendants interested in electing to Fly Through their vacations are encouraged to review the Vacation Fly Through optionsAdvance Notice Fly Through, Partial Fly Through & Operational Fly Through to better understand the timing of when these requests must be made.

Please contact your Local Council for more information.

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