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Spring Break and Increased Unaccompanied Minor UMNR Travel

Date: March 15, 2022

Spring break travel is upon us once again and airports are expected to be busy with travelers looking to get out of town.

With COVID-19 numbers falling and many public restrictions being dropped, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) believes the number of passengers traveling through airports in March will likely be as busy as it was before the pandemic. With this increase comes the challenges associated more passengers, new destinations, families traveling together and the added responsibility of caring for unaccompanied minors (UMNRs) who have been entrusted to our care.

As a reminder and in an effort to enhance the safety and to ensure the care of our young travelers, United had previously expanded the Policies and Procedures section in our eFAOM to include a limit on the number of UMNRs per flight and a preferred seating location. As part of these revised procedures, we should see UMNRs primarily sitting in an aisle seat in the rear of the aircraft which is intended to accomplish two things: better oversight onboard by Flight Attendants and to ensure that the UMNRs do not deplane prematurely on arrival.

We encourage Flight Attendants to continue in applying the concepts of Communicate, Accommodate, Remind and Escort, - C.A.R.E. anytime a UMNR is in your care. Always follow proper procedures for securing and handing off UMNRs to other custodial employees or family members.

Flight Attendants are encouraged to utilize the My Flight and Inflight Services apps that offer enhanced icons in an effort to differentiate and clearly identify UMNR seating locations.

Please refer to your eFAOM for additional details

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