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Known Crewmember- What You Need to Know!

Date: March 17, 2022

The United MEC Safety Health and Security Committee (SHS) has recently been made aware of a number of recurring problems that have resulted in Flight Attendants being denied access via Known Crewmember (KCM) checkpoints.   In an effort to clear up some misunderstanding and eliminate any confusion on access protocol, we recommend that you review the following items that have been at the source of some of the misunderstanding.

KCM is accessible only for "active" crewmembers. If you've been inactive, on leave, or if you have been temporarily removed from service, you will not have KCM access. Also keep in mind that when returning to active status there will be a delay in updating your status to “active” which may result in your inability to use KCM access. If you are denied access to a KCM checkpoint here are several recommendations for working through this issue.

If you are at a KCM access point and TSA advises that they are unable to validate your identity and employment status, you will be directed to the passenger-screening checkpoint in order to access the sterile area. You are required to follow TSA instructions.  As we have advised in the past, do not go to another checkpoint or attempt to resolve the issue with Transportation Security Officers (TSO) they are unable to rectify system failures or denials. The issue could be a result from a database error that is nonspecific to you, or it might involve a miscommunication with your air carrier. If you believe that you have been denied in error, please enter the sterile area as directed via the passenger-screening checkpoint, and contact your Local Council and/or Safety, Health & Security Committee for assistance in rectifying the situation. Please provide the Local Council with any information that was relayed by the TSO. 

If your KCM barcode card is lost or stolen, you may not utilize all of the active KCM access points without a card. This includes crewmembers that may have a KCM barcode card that does not function properly at the time of scanning.  If you require a new KCM barcode card, you can request one from your local “concierge desk” in the domicile. Once you receive your new KCM barcode card, log in to your secure account at www.mykcmsupport.com, and update your account with your new KCM barcode card number.

If you are encountering technical difficulties while trying to activate a KCM account or register a KCM barcode card on the www.mykcmsupport.com website, first determine if you are using AOL or EarthLink as your Internet Service Provider. These ISPs use spam blockers that are known to cause problems with the KCM website. You will need to change ISPs to access the site. Flight Attendants who experience technical difficulties, while either activating an account or registering a KCM barcode, card should contact the KCM directly at kcmsupport@arinc.com.

Verify that the following are correct in KCM: 
United Airlines: Select the ‘Verify Employment’ link, on the upper right side of the main page, under Manage Account. Your profile should show your airline as United Airlines and the employee ID as your United Employee File Number, which is displayed on the front of your crew ID.If this information is correct, no further action is required.

File/’U” Number:
Ensure that the employee number that has been provided has six digits (for those with a file number less than 6 digits, you will need to add the leading zero(s), and that the “U” has not been included in front of the employee number on the KCM screen.

For additional information see your Local Council Representative.

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