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“Manuals” App Version 2.1.8 Pushed to Link Devices

Date: March 18, 2022

Inflight management has announced a new version of the Manuals app (version 2.1.8) has been automatically pushed to all Link devices.   Version 2.1.8 is no different than 2.1.7 in terms of user functionality.   If prompted with a pop-up message on the Link device to update the Manuals app, simply accept the update to begin downloading version 2.1.8.   The company states this version fixes isolated functionality issues.

To verify if the new version has been pushed to your Link device, open the Manuals app, and look under User>About and confirm version 2.1.8.

Another important reminder includes after changing your Flying Together password, you must update your Manuals app passwords by logging out, then logging in using your new password with a network connection.

If you do not have an up-to-date and/or functional eFAOM while on duty, immediately contact Link Support.   Details on this process are in the eFAOM>Introduction>Lost, Stolen, Damaged Link or eFAOM Not Accessible section.

Any questions, please contact Link Support at (800) 255-5801 for technical help.

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