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AFA Local Council Elections

Date: March 22, 2022

Every three years we elect our Local representatives. You elect your local AFA Officers including your Local President, Vice President, Secretary and Council Representatives. As we begin category elections, we want to create awareness and remind you of the importance of your participation in this democratic process. Our election process takes place with two different ballots. 

First, there is a nomination process that is open to any Member in good standing. Any Member in the Local Council who receives at least two nominations for a Local Officer position and who also submits a Willingness to Serve statement in that position will have their name included on the election ballot. The election ballot is then mailed to each Member of the Council and the candidate with the most votes for the position to which they were nominated is successfully elected. The election process for each Local Council takes approximately 3 to 4 months to complete from start to finish.

Local Council election cycles have begun in Chicago Council 8, Denver Council 9, San Francisco Council 11, Houston Council 42, Cleveland Council 63 and Guam Council 65 for the next term beginning July 1, 2022. For some of these Local Councils, the nomination process has concluded, and the election ballot is being prepared to be mailed out to Members in those Local Councils.

This Union belongs to each one of us and we make it work all of our collective actions work through participation in our Local Council elections. Through this process we build our Union as intended – from the ground up. 

We encourage all Members to consider serving our Union and making the commitment by running for a Local Council office or serving on a Committee of the Local Council. Elections are not the only time that you can choose to volunteer your time to our Union. Local Councils are always looking for volunteers to help in a variety of Committees. 

Remember, Unions are not separate from the workers they represent – we are the Union. Be sure to exercise your right to participate in our democratic process and elect a flying partner who you believe will best represent you. 

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