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CQ Training Scheduling Reminder

Date: March 25, 2022

As Flight Attendants, we are responsible for maintaining the necessary qualifications. This training allows us to remain at the top of our field as safety professionals. As aviation’s first responders our training is critical in preventing and responding to emergencies that may occur during our workday.

We have become familiar with the computer-based training (CBT) trimesters which are now part of our FAA required training.   It is the addition of these computer-based training (CBT) modules that have played a contributory part in the opportunity for the scheduling of what has been an annual CQ (in-person) training event being extended from every twelve (12) months to every eighteen (18) months.

Of course, this change presents each of us with the challenge of keeping track as to when we need to schedule CQ on this 18-month schedule.  The most effective way to track and verify your due month for CQ training has been made available via CCS >> Training >> Training Qualification/Due Month.  Once there, click on the “FA General Flight Attendant Qualifications” tile where you can see when your next due month to attend as determined by when you last attended the training.

Flight Attendants awarded schedules as lineholders are responsible to self-schedule CQ on a day off. If no CQ days are available on the Flight Attendants’ days off (based on their awarded schedule) they should contact FAST for assistance scheduling. Keep in mind, under the terms of Section 11.D.3. of our Contract, Flight Attendants who fail to pick up required training by the 5th of the month, shall be assigned, training classes. 

Flight Attendants awarded a Reserve schedule will be assigned CQ on a day of Reserve availability also with the assistance of FAST.

While the company and Union negotiated the ability for Flight Attendants to attend required training in the month following their assigned month, otherwise known as the grace month, we should be aware of class restrictions, both the availability of dates and seats, may make attendance difficult due to smaller class sizes. Every effort should be made to attend during the original assigned “due” month to avoid any lapse in training that would cause a Flight Attendant to lose their qualification.

Lastly, we would like to remind everyone that Continuing Qualification training must be scheduled based on a calendar month NOT the bid month schedule. A bid month may extend beyond the last day of a calendar month with training dates available.   BUT your qualifications expire on the last day of the calendar month of your grace month. Do not wait until the last minute and risk a lapse in qualification which may lead to discipline and additional days of training for re-qualification. As an example, the last day of the April schedule month is May 1st.  However, Flight Attendants with an April due month must attend CQ by April 30th or risk becoming non-qualified.

If you have questions about required training, please contact your Local Council Representatives. 

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