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Easy Chat – A Support Tool

Date: April 1, 2022

Easy Chat is a tool designed to help support Flight Attendants in completing their duties by enhancing operational communication both prior to your flight and during passenger boarding. By using this tool, the goal is to help streamline information between the working crew, customer service, station operations, and operational leadership. 

Easy Chat should be used to communicate an item that may have the potential to impact an on-time departure, such as seat dupes, catering issues or when overhead bins are full, etc.

Easy Chat should not be used for maintenance reporting, medical events, security issues or to meet regulatory requirements such as exit row verification. If used, this could result in a delay in response or create regulatory violation(s).

To help you understand who part of the discussion on Easy Chat is and how an Easy Chat session starts matters. Two hours prior to your flight, a chat room is created with the working crew, Customer Service Representatives, station operations, and Inflight supervisors (on flights departing out of hubs) who are assigned to the flight. Messages are visible to all in the chat room and any operational team member who signs into that chat.

Important Reminders:

  • During the INFORM briefing, confirm that the Customer Service Representative (CSR) intends to monitor the chat room. Because it is not required to be used and does not automatically create push notifications, if a member of the team is not monitoring the chat, a message could be missed. If you do not receive a response in a timely manner, please use other communication means such as notifying the Flight Deck or, if available and regulations permit, using the jetbridge phone. Do NOT wait until the CSR arrives for door closure to notify them of any issues, as waiting could cause a delay in departure.

  • Do not use Easy Chat for safety, security, medical or maintenance issues. Critical safety and time or security-sensitive items (for example, maintenance issues, preflight safety check discrepancies, exit row verification, and information about LEOs) should NOT be communicated through Easy Chat.  These issues must be communicated verbally and expeditiously to the International Purser/Purser and the Flight Deck crew according to SOPs.

  • Currently, chats are only used by your departure team and not used for arrivals.

  • Easy Chat should not be construed as an instant message among friends; please ensure you are being professional, and that your message is clearly communicated and easily understood.

Finally, because chats close and disappear shortly after the flight departs, screenshot any portion(s) of those communications you wish to capture for future reference.

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