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Spring Weather and our Contractual Commuter Program

Date: April 15, 2022

Spring has sprung and the storms have begun! Spring thunderstorms uniquely impact flight operations around the system. As a result, these weather events have the potential to disrupt our best laid out travel plans when traveling to work for our specific assignments. When commuting to work becomes difficult or impossible, the Commuter Program in our Contract provides certain protections.

Commuting - In advance of commuting during potential inclement weather, we encourage Flight Attendants to review the Commuter Program in Section 28 of the Contract.

When can I utilize the provisions of the Commuter Program?

  1. Un-forecast severe weather conditions or other natural disasters (i.e., blizzards, hurricanes, earthquakes of similar events), or
  2. Hazardous or impassable roads resulting from severe weather, accidents, natural disasters, or
  3. Mechanical problems while on the way to work
  4. Unexpected airport disruption(s) or closures

Which type of transportation can I use?

The Commuter Program covers all forms of transportation. You can review the specifics on our website at Unitedafa.org.

Remember, when commuting, be proactive. You should keep records of calls to crew scheduling, flight listings, traffic reports, or images to ensure you have all the necessary information to be covered by the policy.

If you have any specific questions about how the provisions in Section 28 of our Contract apply, contact your Local Council office.

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