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Cabin Jumpseat Authority (CJA)

Date: April 19, 2022

Whether you are commuting for work or on leisure travel, knowing how to determine the number of available open jumpseats can be very useful in planning your travel.

The Fleet Reference Guide is a resource that displays all aircraft numbers, configurations, capacity, and the total number of jumpseats. The guide is found in multiple locations:

  • Link: Content Locker- Fleet Reference Guide
  • Flying Together >> My Work >> Fleet Guide
  • SHARES: Enter “GG JUMP FLEET” & then “submit”

Once the total number of jumpseats is identified by aircraft type, subtract from that the total number of working Flight Attendants for the respective flight number to find out how many jumpseats are available for use by other than the working crew.

To determine the number of working crew, in CCS on the SCHEDULE tab, choose CREW LIST from the drop-down menu. Simply input the flight number and the date of the flight you are interested in, then click on the orange “Crew” next to the flight details.

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