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Benefits Transition for VSL-B Participants

Date: April 22, 2022

Our MEC Benefits Committee continues to receive questions and concerns regarding the “terms” of the company’s VSL-B program. It is important to understand that the VSL programs are not programs that were negotiated with AFA and the benefits enhancements available through these programs apply beyond the benefits required under our Contract.

And, while AFA did not negotiate the VSL plans, we continue to work with management to ensure we have the best information possible to ensure our Member participants know what to expect as they transition into retirement on August 31, 2022.  As we continue these efforts, and over the course of the next several weeks, we will be working to communicate information that will be helpful to you in the transition through a series of articles providing additional information.

As a starting point, we recommend participants refer to several currently available resources.  These include:

  • Review the release that all participants were required to sign
  • Plan & FAQ documents on the VSL-B Program are available from Help Hub.  In any browser, enter helphub.ual.com and then search VSL B for the plan documents and FAQs.
  • Review the Retiree Checklist which contains information for all Retirees.

VSL-B participants may be eligible for Retiree Medical (pmUA), or Retiree Bridge (age 60-65 pmCAL/CMI) Refer to the AFA Contract Section 29.F.  on pages 232-239 of our Contract.

We will continue to update VSL-B participants as we pursue dates and processes for your transition to Retirement.

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