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Inaugural and Special Purpose Flights

Date: April 22, 2022


Spring travel is in full swing and peak summer travel is fast approaching. To capitalize on the recovering leisure travel market United is preparing to launch new routes to new stations around the system.

With the new inaugural routes will be some company designated high-profile flights.

As with any new service, there are always questions as to who will fly the inaugural flights to these new destinations.  One of the underlying tenants in the creations of the monthly DSL is the assignment of flying based on cost efficiencies.  Flying is typically assigned to that base/domicile where it makes the most economic.  Having said that, there is a provision in our Contract that provides management with the limited ability to assign Flight Attendants to these inaugurals as Special Purpose Flights.

In keeping with our Contract Section 7.A.9.c.

“Special Purpose Flights. The Company may assign specific Flight Attendant(s) to a limited number of flights not to exceed ten (10) per year when it determines that the circumstances call for a particular crew, e.g., inaugural flights or those with a high profile or significant publicity opportunity.”

If management decides to assign specific Flight Attendants to these inaugural flights, the decision must be made prior to the opening of bids for the schedule month involved because those flight segments will not be included in the monthly bid package for bid.

Additional information on the Special Purpose Flights will be included in our MEC Central Schedule Committee’s monthly report on our website.

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