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Central Schedule Reserve & Hotel Committee Reports Available from Our Website

Date: April 26, 2022

The most recently published reports from our MEC Central Schedule Committee, MEC Hotel & Transportation Committee and MEC Reserve Committee are available from the Committee section of the United MEC website at www.unitedafa.org.

These reports, which painstakingly detail the work of the dedicated volunteers who make up these committees, paint a comprehensive picture of the Flight Attendant schedule development process and highlight how we are interrelated despite the fact that the flying assigned to each of the bases originates at a different point on the system. Within this context, while it is easy to become focused on what is happening at our base, what happens at other bases in terms of the assignment of flying can have an impact on what happens at our respective base.

Our MEC Hotel & Transportation Committee details the work of the Members of the Committee in their ongoing efforts to support our Members in the field and require the company to observe the commitments they’ve made in bargaining to ensure Hotels and Transportation provided by the company for layovers meets the terms of the Contract.

Finally, our MEC Reserve Committee reports detail of our collective efforts to require the company to meet its obligation as it pertains to the scheduling of Reserves under the contract. These efforts focus not only on Reserve assignments but on all of the other provisions of our industry leading Reserve system which includes our Reserve Preference System.

Not only is your understanding of the scheduling process essential in grasping the full role of these volunteers, your involvement in the enforcement of our Contract is vital in maintaining and enforcing the terms of our current Contract. Contract enforcement is not an isolated activity. It is, in fact, everyone’s responsibility. While it takes time to report violations or misapplications of the language in our Contract, there reports are the proof your Local Council needs to follow-up on issues you identify. Far too often we hear, “If you didn’t report it, it didn’t happen.” Use the Union’s Reports and Forms link from the home page of our www.unitedafa.org website to ask questions or report the questionable application of the language in our Contract.

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