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United’s Supply Chain Challenges in Europe

Date: April 29, 2022

Recently management advised Flight Attendants to be aware that supply chain challenges involving their food and beverage deliveries in Europe may result in meal modifications on certain flights.  They noted that if you’re “servicing flights out of Europe, there is potential to experience a meal modification.”

They further state these meal modifications may impact the planned service in one cabin or multiple cabins, depending on the availability of inventory at the respective location.

Management informed Flight Attendants that their Culinary Operations team will continue to work toward mitigating the impact of issue with the supply chain on the operation.  Management stresses the importance of referring to Catering’s Dear Flight Attendant letter for additional details and updates.

On flights that will be meal modified, United has committed that messages will be sent to customers ahead of time with advising of the changes while, at the same time, encouraging them to plan ahead for their unique dietary needs. 

We encourage Flight Attendants experiencing any problems with catering issues to continue submitting reports to your domicile supervisor.  When submitting a report, be sure to make a copy of the report for submission to your AFA Local Council.  If the catering issue contributed to an FAR violation, please submit an ISAP report to protect yourself and detail the incident.

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