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AFA DEBRIEF: May 06, 2022

Date: May 6, 2022

Debrief May 6, 2022

  • Excessive Hold Times, Report!
  • Minimum Crew Compliance

  •  International Mask Protocol- Update

  • June One Month Special COLA

  • Upcoming Spring 2022 MEC Meeting Reminder

Excessive Hold Times, Report!

As Flight Attendants we are frequently referred to as the face of the company. In addition to our role as aviation’s first responder we balance the customer experience and United’s brand expectations. When we are provided the necessary support and tools to perform our duties as Flight Attendants, we feel empowered and supported in our workplace and are able to fully focus on the job at hand.

However, when the required support goes missing, it leaves us in a frustrating and uncomfortable position resulting in us wasting valuable time and energy seeking answers or assistance. One area where this continues to be an issue is related to our need to contact Crew Scheduling and/or the Flight Attendant Support Team. Many Flight Attendants continue to report excessive hold times, call disconnects after holding, and disconnects mid-call.

This is never acceptable and is not only frustrating to Flight Attendants but harmful to the operation. We need your continued support to report and advocate to find the source of these problems.

When we experience long hold times, disconnects or other internal service-related issues filing a Local Council Report is the best way to document the issue. When Members report issues such as this to their LEC documentation can be collected and used to push for change. We are our biggest advocates and together we can drive the changes we need to see.

Minimum Crew Compliance

In March we raised concerns about the company’s protocol for checking in at the gate. We noted that there is a difference between “checking in” with a gate agent when arriving at the gate prior to the ability to board the aircraft and officially scanning our badge to signal we are boarding the flight as a means of registering ourselves as “on board” meeting minimum crew requirements.

We are pleased to report that we have come to an understanding with the company that Flight Attendants are not required to scan in prior to the aircraft being ready to board.

Flight Attendants should (when possible) contact the agent upon arrival at their gate just to communicate to the agent that “We’re here.” If there are delays or irregular operations and the original check in time has passed, we recommend you verify other crew members are present and, where necessary, follow notification protocols if any Flight Attendant is missing. This will help in maintaining operational integrity and, in particular, recovering during irregular operations.

Remember the process of scanning our badge prior to boarding tracks and registers that FAA minimum crew complement is accounted for and also provides for the additional security which ensures the individual “scanning on” is the person identified on the badge. This process is in place for both safety and security.

 You can review our original article “Crew Member Verification and Ensuring FAA Minimums are met before Boarding” on unitedafa.org


International Mask Protocol- Update

We understand there continues to be some confusion over masking protocols specifically for international destinations. It is understandable given that mask protocols are constantly changing, quickly and with little notice as countries adapt and amend their travel requirements.

In addition to the most up-to-date information on Flying Together > Coronavirus: Latest Updates > International Restrictions. Flight Attendants can also access international destination specific masking protocols in the My Flight application on the LINK > Flight Information > Crew Announcements which includes mask related requirements for their destination.

For more information about current masking guidelines please review our April 29thDebrief or contact your Local Council.

June One Month Special COLA

Inflight Scheduling has determined that there may be opportunities to award one-month Special COLAs (Company Offered Leave of Absence) effective for the June 2022 bid month. The number of Special COLAs to be awarded has not yet been determined.

Timeline for Bidding and Awards of June 2022 Special COLAs

Bids Open:

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Bids Close:

Thursday, May 12, 2022 at 0800 Central Time

Awards Posted:

Before the June bid month begins

For further details regarding this Special COLA, please refer to the "June 2022 One Month Special COLA Program Information "documents found on Flying Together.

Additionally, please review Sections 15.C. and 15.N. of our Contract for further details associated with a Special COLA. This Special COLA will include medical benefits at active employee rates. 

Flight Attendants interested in this Special COLA should submit their bid via CCS under the "Leaves" drop-down menu select - Special COLA. For more information on how to apply for a Special COLA in CCS, please review the Special COLA Overview section (starting on page 10) in the "COLA, Jobshare and Multiple Month Partnership Overview" located on Flying Together.

Flight Attendants awarded the June one-month Special COLA will be required to complete any overlapping assignments and must fly the last trip of the May schedule, including overlapping pairings into the June 2022 schedule month. Please refer to 15.C.2 (paragraph 15.B.5) of the JCBA. If you do not wish to fly an overlapping trip you may adjust your schedule through the normal process. 

Learn more about the June Special COLA on Flying Together.

Upcoming Spring 2022 MEC Meeting Reminder

The Spring 2022 Regular Meeting of the United Master Executive Council will take place in person, May 11-12, 2022 in conjunction with the AFA Board of Directors Meeting.

The MEC meeting Agenda is posted in the Meetings section of the MEC Website.

The meeting is open to Members in good standing. If you happen to be in Las Vegas on the dates the meeting is scheduled, we encourage your attendance and participation in our Democratic process.

As part of our meeting safety protocols, to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 we have established the following:

  • No person may knowingly attend the meeting if they are COVID positive.
  • Masks are optional, unless required by local ordinance or private businesses (Neither Las Vegas nor Bally’s have this requirement at this time). The exception to this is if a participant begins to feel symptoms, she/he should take typical precautions such as wearing a mask and testing.
  • Practice regular hand hygiene and always ask before shaking hands or hugging. Some individuals may prefer fist or elbow bumps.
  • Mutual respect includes COVID protocols. We will not condone shaming or disrespect of any individuals’ choice regarding masking, not masking, or otherwise.

We appreciate your cooperation and support as we resume more normal meeting practices.

The meeting will be held at Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, 3645 South Las Vegas Blvd Las Vegas NV 89109.

MAY 08 – Mothers’ Day
MAY 11 – 12 Spring MEC Meeting
MAY 13 – 15 AFA BOD
MAY 30 – Memorial Day


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