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Excessive Hold Times, Report!

Date: May 6, 2022

As Flight Attendants we are frequently referred to as the face of the company. In addition to our role as aviation’s first responder we balance the customer experience and United’s brand expectations. When we are provided the necessary support and tools to perform our duties as Flight Attendants, we feel empowered and supported in our workplace and are able to fully focus on the job at hand.

However, when the required support goes missing, it leaves us in a frustrating and uncomfortable position resulting in us wasting valuable time and energy seeking answers or assistance. One area where this continues to be an issue is related to our need to contact Crew Scheduling and/or the Flight Attendant Support Team. Many Flight Attendants continue to report excessive hold times, call disconnects after holding, and disconnects mid-call.

This is never acceptable and is not only frustrating to Flight Attendants but harmful to the operation. We need your continued support to report and advocate to find the source of these problems.

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