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Minimum Crew Compliance

Date: May 6, 2022

In March we raised concerns about the company’s protocol for checking in at the gate. We noted that there is a difference between “checking in” with a gate agent when arriving at the gate prior to the ability to board the aircraft and officially scanning our badge to signal we are boarding the flight as a means of registering ourselves as “on board” meeting minimum crew requirements.

We are pleased to report that we have come to an understanding with the company that Flight Attendants are not required to scan in prior to the aircraft being ready to board.

Flight Attendants should (when possible) contact the agent upon arrival at their gate just to communicate to the agent that “We’re here.” If there are delays or irregular operations and the original check in time has passed, we recommend you verify other crew members are present and, where necessary, follow notification protocols if any Flight Attendant is missing. This will help in maintaining operational integrity and, in particular, recovering during irregular operations.

Remember the process of scanning our badge prior to boarding tracks and registers that FAA minimum crew complement is accounted for and also provides for the additional security which ensures the individual “scanning on” is the person identified on the badge. This process is in place for both safety and security.

You can review our original article “Crew Member Verification and Ensuring FAA Minimums are met before Boarding” on unitedafa.org

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