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No Early Boarding!

Date: May 10, 2022


The summer travel months are quickly approaching and with the Memorial Day holiday weekend around the corner, we’re starting to feel the impact of fuller flights.

We all know summer travel can be fraught with weather, delays and quick turns, all of which put additional stress and time sensitivity on frontline workers who are already task saturated.

We ask that you be proactive in an effort to avoid early boarding. When you arrive at the gate prior to boarding, confirm the scheduled boarding time with the CSR to ensure everyone is on the same page. If you are asked to board early, politely remind those who may be asking that this is our time to thoroughly complete safety checks and prepare for the arrival of passengers and to be prepared to facilitate boarding.

In the unfortunate event of a misunderstanding or a refusal to adhere to boarding times, time permitting, contact Inflight for in the moment support and file an IOR and ISAP to record the events of the incident.

As a reminder when filing an IOR always check the box to include AFA. The reports you help generate give our Union the data it needs to ensure our Contract is being followed and our needs are being met.

By following our Contract and utilizing their provisions to the full measure strengthens the language as a whole and reduces the potential for violations in the future.

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