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Marginal Service Reporting Provides Data

Date: May 13, 2022

As the company returns to pre-pandemic service, most notably the return to the 3-point Polaris service, all of us are excited to see these changes coming.  As you will recall, management reduced staffing during the pandemic to match the reduced service we were providing. 

We understand that United has done extensive testing on the ground in putting together guidelines on how we might collectively move forward in introducing the return of services. We all also understand that while a service may be completed one way in a perfect environment, where all supplies are present, there is more than adequate staffing and those assisting are familiar with putting the service together is significantly different in an environment with turbulence, irregular operations, other distractions and inadequate supplies. 

The reality, however, is that sometimes what works well under idyllic circumstances on the ground, doesn’t always play out the same way in the air. We all want a return to a service we can be proud of and aligns with our mutual goal to be the best airline in the world. However, it’s important that if we have constructive feedback about difficulties or challenges, we encounter, we need to provide that information and suggestions to our Union to advocate for the change that will realistically align the service with the goals that management has set to provide a premium experience to our passengers.

As we work to meet these goals, we encourage you to provide specific information on the marginal service conditions that exist.  Using the Reports & Forms section of our MEC website, file a Marginal Service Report which will provide the MEC Officers with specific information that can be used in our discussions with management as we continue to advocate for change to the ESG in light of the increased service levels on our flights. 

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