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AFA Board of Director's Meeting Wrap Up

Date: May 17, 2022

This past week, our Master Executive Council (MEC) Officers, Local Executive Council (LEC) Presidents, and other LEC Officers and some Committee Chairpersons attended the 49th Annual AFA Board of Directors (BOD) meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada. Joined by representatives from other airlines that make up AFA, they conducted the business of our Union at the international level. It’s worth noting that this is the first in-person meeting of the BOD since 2019.

A total of nine advance agenda items were submitted for consideration by the Board at this meeting. Each Local Council held a Local Council meeting prior to the BOD meeting to discuss these agenda items and to gain Member feedback. You can find a list of these agenda items and complete language on the AFA BOD Meeting website along with the action taken on each these agenda items.

In addition to the consideration of agenda items, AFA International Officers elections took place at this year’s BOD meeting. As your directly elected representative, your Local Council President voted on your behalf for our International President, Vice President, and Secretary-Treasurer.

Sara Nelson was re-elected as President; Keturah Johnson was elected as Vice President and Dante Harris was elected as Secretary Treasurer. Our congratulations to them all and we wish them success in their upcoming term.

For more information about this AFA Board of Director’s meeting, please visit our AFA International office website at AFA BOD Meeting.

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