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United Announces Alphanumeric Pairing Expansion

Date: May 17, 2022

Earlier this month, United scheduling introduced the expansion of numerical pairings to become alphanumeric or containing both letters and numbers. Management explains: “These pairing number ranges are used to differentiate the various work positions for each aircraft type in our fleet, and this information is contained with the bid matrices in the monthly bid packet cover letters.”

With the relatively quick introduction of this change to the pairing number, we are hearing this may be causing confusion.   We all need to understand that these are not “operational pairings” as are those which begin with an 8 or 9.  These [alphanumeric] pairings are to be used as an “overflow” range when all existing numerical pairings within that range have been utilized.

The alphabetical character addition will replace the second digit of the 4-digit pairing. For a Chicago Pairing range of 0000-2999, the extended range would be 2A00-2A99, or for ORD: O2A00.

The following changes will be applied beginning with the June schedule month:

  • International single paring starts: 6000
  • International language qualified pairing range starts: 7000
  • Domestic language qualified pairing starts: 7600

You can refer to the June Bid Package Cover Letter for examples and a more detailed explanation or the May 4 – ISW.

While you’re reviewing the pairing changes, it is also a good time to take a few minutes and read through the entire Cover Letter. There is an abundance of valuable and helpful information including training, Reserve, and vacation relief; as well as end of the month legality processes.

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