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VSL-B Part 1 - Participants and Benefits

Date: May 17, 2022

Our MEC Benefits Committee continues to receive questions and concerns regarding the “terms” of the VSL-B company sponsored program. The VSL programs provide enhancements over and above your Contractual benefits and it is important that we have a clear understanding that United management did not negotiate the terms of the VSL Programs with AFA.

However, we continue work with management to gain an understanding of what participants should expect and how those electing VSL-B will transition to retirement on August 31, 2022.

In the meantime, we refer participants to several resources, and we strongly suggest you review the Release all participants were required to sign. The plan documents and details along with the FAQ are available from Help Hub: helphub.ual.com (enter VSL A and B) VSL-B participants may be eligible for Retiree Medical (PM-UA), or Retiree Bridge Medical (age 60-65 PM-CO/PM-CMI). Please refer to our Contract, Section 29.F. (pgs. 232-239).

We advise everyone to review the Retiree Checklist as this document contains many details affecting all Retirees. The Checklist is located at: helphub.ual.com. (Search Flight Attendant (FA) Retirement.

The Benefits Committee will continue to pursue an orderly process for retiree insurance open enrollment following the 8/31/22 “active benefits” end date. We will continue to update VSL-B participants as we pursue dates and processes for your transition to Retirement.

We thank you for your service to Our Company and Our Union. We congratulate each of you and trust the next chapter in your lives will be filled with good health and joy.

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