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Reserves Picking Up White Flag Pairings

Date: May 20, 2022

With the recent company declaration of White Flag, many Reserves are asking if they are eligible to pick up White Flag pairings when released to days off.

In our Contract, under Section 8.L. and as detailed further in the Trip Trades & Adjustment Guide, page 52, a Reserve may pick up unlimited white or purple flag pairings on scheduled days off once the Reserve is released by the company to her/his days off. Any trip picked up must begin on a day off. Reserves can pick-up White and Purple flag trips an unlimited number of times.

Once a Reserve picks up an open trip or White/ Purple flag, the trip cannot be traded. They may give the pairing to another Flight Attendant by contacting Crew Scheduling.

Please refer to this previous article for more information about White Flag pairings.

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