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VSL-B Timeline

Date: May 20, 2022

In our ongoing efforts to provide our Members with information in preparing for their transition into retirement we offer the following suggestions.

  • Complete doctor’s appointments prior to September 1–as you may be transitioning to a new insurance plan.
  • Effective 9/1/22 —Dental COBRA coverage is only available for 18 months (8/31/22) so again we recommend having any dental procedures completed while on active plans.
  • Vision plans are effective similar to that of the dental plans.
  • To the extent that you are able, ensure all of your prescriptions are filled just prior your effective retirement date.

Those who are aged 65 years or older should have completed paperwork for MEDICARE Part A coverage and we recommend you start to research filing for Part B starting 9/1/22.

PM-Merger CO/CMI participants who are eligible for the Retiree Bridge Program (60-65) should verify the hours in your sick leave bank and make a copy of the information from your pay register. 

Given the VSL-B end day of 8/31/22, it is reasonable to anticipate the Labor Day holiday causing delays in the transitioning of 1,387 VSL Program participants to Retirement status. Anticipate this transition; we strongly recommend NOT scheduling surgeries or doctors’ appointments during the first week of September.

Please contact the United Benefits Service Center (UABC) 800-651-1007 and provide them with your personal email address and Medicare Part A documentation as you may need to communicate with them after retiring.

Pension estimates for

  • Eligible pm-UA Retirees — contact www.PBGC.gov.
  • CARP estimates for pm-CO participants can be obtained from Your Benefits Resources (YBR on Flying Together)
  • PM-CMI should contact www.iamnpf.org or 800-424-9608.
If you have a specific issue regarding you and the VSL-B plan, please submit inquires to United’s HELP HUB at www.helphub.ual.com.

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