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Marginal Service Reporting

Date: May 24, 2022

Our recent Debrief article addressing your concerns about how to best report Marginal Service conditions onboard certain flights, while intended to address your concerns and answer your questions, has apparently hit a nerve with United management. 

While absolutely intended to address your questions about AFA’s involvement in the development of the recently restored Polaris services, we also addressed the best way for you to go about reporting those circumstances or service aspects you experienced as leading to marginal service conditions for our passengers.

A recent communication from the Sr. Vice President of Inflight Service to all of us alleges some portion of the content of our article is “completely inaccurate.”  While perhaps unintended, if there was some concern about our publication, management could have chosen to take a more “collaborative” approach in addressing these concerns.  Afterall, good leads the way, right?

Nevertheless, the point of our communication to you was to address questions from you about AFA’s role in the design of the new services.  While we acknowledged that we had representatives involved in the ground testing that took place in Chicago, AFA representatives were not directly involved in the onboard, inflight testing of these procedures. We acknowledge we received reports, after the fact, from the perspective of those involved in the testing but did not directly have AFA representatives a part of these onboard tests.   While we regret the oversight that may have led to any confusion, we dispute that our article was “completely inaccurate.”

All of this aside, let’s not lose sight of the fact that our objective is to take care of the passengers on the aircraft and for you to report those circumstances where Marginal Service Conditions exist.  Your continued reporting is not only appreciated, but also necessary to collect the data we need in making our case.

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