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Scheduling Triaging Calls to Expedite Processing of our Requests

Date: May 27, 2022

Scheduling Triaging Calls to Expedite Processing of our Requests

As is no surprise to any of us, Crew Scheduling is currently experiencing long call hold times due to irregular operations and higher phone volumes than usual.  We understand your frustration with not being able to reach scheduling personnel to accomplish those items you need to get done during the course of your work day.  

We have remained consistent in our messaging to Crew Scheduling.  Flight Attendants are waiting – way too long in their attempts to get through to management to accomplish the functions of their jobs.  In response to our advocacy, United management is trying to better direct calls and to reduce call volumes, where ever possible, using the automation tools that are currently available. 

In an effort for us to make our contribution in reducing the call wait times, we are recommending that we make every effort to follow the additional direction provided in expediting call processing:

The request is that we attempt to perform the following items prior to calling 1-800-FLT-LINE:

Leverage the following self-help options if applicable:

• New CCS feature to check in for standby 

• Placing yourself on sick leave via CCS

• Leverage chat for all flight deviations.  Automatic Deviation via Ellen (Inflight Chat Assistant) – (For deviation flights later than original deadhead only)

• Review the map of Flight Line Options here to ensure you are selecting the best phone option for your inquiry

• If you are currently impacted by a cancellation or diversion, please refresh your pairing intermittently and acknowledge updates via CCS

• Please consider calling later for non-operational issues, if possible

For issues related to trading, please note that Scheduling will be focused on the following calls: 

• Straight pickups of pairings from open time within 3 hours of check-in

• Requested reversal of trades within one hour (1:00) of the transaction


Please see Section 7.G.3 (page 64) and 7.I.3 (page 65) for more information


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