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Caribbean-American Heritage Month

Date: June 3, 2022

During June, the United States celebrates National Caribbean-American Heritage Month. As Flight Attendants, we are known for our ability to immerse ourselves through our exploration of various regions of the world and through our unique ability to embrace different cultures by indulging in the vibrant cuisines unique to each country/geographic area.  The Caribbean is certainly no different.  Understanding and appreciating some of the exciting and exotic features the Caribbean has to offer is only a morsel of tradition delivered from these lands.

National Caribbean-American Month was introduced in 2004 with legislative bill H.Res.425; this bill was passed by Congresswoman Barbara Lee and later sent to George W. Bush, establishing a Presidential Proclamation making June the month to commemorate the history and development of the United States through the contributions of Caribbean-Americans.

Most immigrants are from five countries: Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Haiti, and Trinidad and Tobago.


In our Union, we are bonded through our appreciation and embracement of various cultures. Embracing the heritage of every member, we learn and grow from knowing and appreciating each other.  This allows us to stand stronger in diversity together. During this month, we support and celebrate the countless achievements and contributions of the Caribbean-American community who have made our country more innovative and more prosperous, enriching our Nation's arts and culture, our public institutions, and our economy.

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