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Focus on Us! Take Action and Sign the Letter to Management

Date: June 7, 2022

Since launching our Focus on Us! campaign Friday evening, there has been an overwhelming response from Flight Attendants. So much so that on Saturday, our website was impacted by the volume of your responses. The speed at which so many of you responded to this call to action clearly indicates Flight Attendants have had enough!

After the short downtime on Saturday to make necessary changes to accommodate the increased volume of responses, everything is back up and running. We have also received considerable report volume through our Call Wait Times (CWT) reporting form. Please keep these reports coming!

Our campaign calls attention to a number of areas that you have continued to report through our Union structure as a priority for resolution or improvement. It is time for management to address these issues that affect quality of life and working conditions, including:

  • Call Wait Times at the Crew Desk and Flight Attendant Support Team
  • Joint Contract not fully implemented to include piggy-backing and midnight cut off
  • Layover hotel and quality issues
  • Reserve Pool Numbers restrict trading and schedule flexibility
  • Rescheduling issues resulting from aircraft schedule changes
  • Catering Issues
  • Reciprocal Cabin Seat Agreements
  • Requiring Flight Attendants to attend CQ again in order to obtain A321 qualification

Stand in Solidarity. Take Action and sign the letter to tell management Enough is Enough, Focus on Us! Continue to report Lengthy Call Wait Times (CWT) through our dedicated Form.

As Flight Attendants, we are the face of United and an internal customer. It’s time for Senior management to lead the way and take care of the internal customer and FOCUS ON US! Stay tuned for another update in this Friday’s Debrief.

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