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AFA Debrief: June 14, 2022

Date: June 14, 2022

AFA Debrief June 14, 2022

  • Take Action – Focus on Us!
  • Call Wait Times Affect Scheduling Flexibility
  • AFA Structure – Local Executive Council (LEC)

Take Action - Focus on Us!

OurFocus on Us!Campaign is about management recognizing the contributions United Flight Attendants have made and continue to make to the success of our airline: every day, every flight. 

To get this done, we all need to be on the same page, and it has become clear that we are going to have to show management our resolve. Through our solidarity, we are going to do just that.

To date, thousands of United Flight Attendants have acted and signed the Letter to John Slater demanding that he Focus on Us! 

Our power to affect this change comes from our collective solidarity and all we need to do is harness and leverage it. At least one of these issues impacts each of us, and many are impacted by all.  By taking this collective action, we demonstrate that we “have each other’s back.”

This letter campaign will close on Saturday, June 18, 2022, at 1159 CST.

Take action! Sign the letter to tell management to Focus on Us! 


Call Wait Times Affect Schedule Flexibility

The ability to adjust our monthly flying schedules through the trip trade process is an important part of our Contract. When we are unable to make the changes to our monthly flying schedules using the provisions negotiated in our Contract, our scheduling flexibility and compensation can be adversely affected. 

Regardless of the cause, be it departmental issues, staffing shortages or Contract violations resulting from IT deficiencies, we are all directly impacted.

When any transactions we seek to complete require the assistance of company scheduling personnel and we experience problems getting through to conduct, for example, trades, due to long wait times or other issues resulting in our inability to complete the transaction(s) our Union needs to know. Your reports generate the data we need to demonstrate definitively the problems we are all experiencing on the line when trying to contact the company. The data generated by our reports is an integral component in the ability of our Union to advocate for impactful change for all of us collectively as well as on a case-by-case basis.

Reports on issues related to call wait times and contract violations (LEC Worksheets) can be filed on our website unitedafa.org.


AFA Structure – Local Executive Council (LEC)

Representation matters! From our elected leadership to our dedicated volunteers, our Union is there to represent and support us at every step of our career.

Understanding the benefits available to each of us as Union members is one of many ways to get the most out of our Union Membership. It is also how we become and remain an engaged an empowered workforce standing together in solidarity.

Our workgroup is made up of an incredible and diverse workforce. When we come together, we have the power to mobilize impactful change and drive our Union forward to advance our mutual goals of labor leadership.

Each base and satellite base throughout our system is represented by a Local Executive Council (LEC). Every LEC has three elected Local Council officers: President, Vice- President, and Secretary as well as elected council Representatives. Any Member in good standing has the ability to run for an elected position each of which has a three-year term.

The members of the Local Council directly elect Local Council officers and Representatives. We can’t stress this enough: vote! Exercise your right to vote and select through your vote those individuals you believe are best able to represent the interests of the Local Council.

Your Local Executive Council should be the first stop when questions or issues arise. These are trained volunteers who have your back and want to hear from you. They represent us in all aspects of our career, especially in matters with base management.

Local Councils have a team of trained and dedicated volunteers that are subject matter experts and serve on a number of committees which have specific areas of specialty and focus.

Local Committees:

  • Benefits
  • Schedule Committee
  • Communications
  • Employee Assistance / Professional Standards
  • Government Affairs
  • Grievance
  • Hotel & Transportation
  • Membership Engagement
  • Reserve
  • Safety Health and Security

Your Union should be your first call for support when you have questions or concerns while on the line. It takes countless engaged Members and Volunteers to successfully support a Local Council.

If you are interested in volunteering to serve on a committee, reach out to your Local Council to learn where help is needed.


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