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Restoration of Days Off

Date: June 24, 2022

When irregularities occur and we find ourselves reassigned as a result of irregular operations, there may be circumstances where we may be eligible for the restoration of day(s) off.

If you are entitled to have you day(s) off restored, this is accomplished by working with Crew Scheduling.  Important highlights to remember:

  •        The day off must be restored within ninety (90) days after the original day off was lost.
  •        The day off restored must be on a regular scheduled workday
  •        In those circumstances where there is a choice of days off to be restored, it will be mutually agreed upon. 

Alternatively, you may elect to be paid for the day. The additional pay for the Restored Day off is 5.0 hours.  You can make a request for pay through CCS using the Electronic Bulletin Board >> Requests

For more information, please review Sections 7.R.1 – 4 of our Contract for additional information.

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