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Summer Flying - Carry Your Contract & Reserve Survival Guides

Date: June 24, 2022

Summer months, while filled with opportunities for outdoor activities, are also filled with summer thunderstorms that can result in delays, re-routes and other travel irregularities.


To protect ourselves during this time, we should all carry our Contract and know our Contractual legalities. This is especially true for Reserve Flight Attendants who are more frequently subject to reassignments when these irregularities occur unexpectedly.


Our Master Executive Council Reserve Committee has created several articles and contract support materials to assist you while on Reserve. A PDF version of our Contract and Reserve Survival Guides are available on our website. These PDF versions can be downloaded to your personal electronic devices for quick access.  In addition, some of our newest Members received a new hire badge backer with a QR code on it.  Scan the QR code with your telephone for immediate access to these contract resources.


For more information, please contact your Local Council Office.

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