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Restoration of Days Off and ‘Work With’ Window

Date: June 28, 2022

When irregularities occur and we find ourselves reassigned as a result of irregular operations, there may be circumstances where we may be eligible for the restoration of day(s) off.

If you are entitled to have you day(s) off restored, this is accomplished by working with Crew Scheduling.  Important highlights to remember:

  • The day off must be restored within ninety (90) days after the original day off was lost.
  • The day off restored must be on a regular scheduled workday
  • In those circumstances where there is a choice of days off to be restored, it will be mutually agreed upon.  

Alternatively, you may elect to be paid for the day. The additional pay for the Restored Day off is 5.0 hours.  You can make a request for pay through CCS using the Electronic Bulletin Board >> Requests. Keep a record of pay requests and verify they have been completed in CCS.

Section 7.R.2. offers Flight Attendants the flexibility to restore days in the same month or future calendar months.

Restoration of a day(s) off during a multiple day pairing will be either the first or last day of the pairing subject to mutual agreement between the Flight Attendant and scheduling. A Flight Attendant who desires a day off restored in the following bid period may also call crew scheduling during the ‘work with’ window on the 22nd day of the month, which is the day prior to the open time window opening to adjust her/his schedule.  A Flight Attendant will receive pay and credit for the value of the flight time lost on the restored day(s). If a Flight Attendant must drop a multiple day pairing to restore a day(s) off, she/he will have the option of not accepting reassignment for the remainder of the dropped pairing. I this case the Flight Attendant will either have her/his guarantee reduced or receive her/ his pay guarantee in accordance with paragraph Q. Unless a Flight Attendant declines payment or will be unable to maintain her/his applicable day minimum, she/he will receive five hours (5:00) pay in addition to all other pay for the month in lieu of a restored day off.

If you are having issues restoring days off or are declined a restoration of days off during the ‘work with’ window on the 22nd please contact your Local Council.

For more information about restoration of day off, please review Sections 7.R.1 – 4 of our Contract.

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