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Date: June 6, 2022

We continue to hear from you about your inability to conduct the basic daily functions related to our work.  Excessive call wait times to get through to Crew Scheduling and FAST to conduct routine tasks – calling off sick leave to return to schedule, to obtain staffing, to secure hotels to ensure rest, rescheduling after weather induced irregular operations, changes to Reserve assignments and the list goes on. And, it's just the beginning of June.

We continue the work on providing tools that will help us all address many of the various issues we're confronted on a regular basis.

A Letter to John Slater - As a dedicated Flight Attendant for United Airlines, we consistently focus on doing those things that bring our passengers back.  Our Net Promoter Scores (NPS) paint a clear picture of our proven track record and make it clear that we have earned the respect of the traveling public and United management.   In return, we expect United management will make available to us the tools and personnel we need to do our jobs well.  Management is falling short in a number of areas.

Call Wait Times (CWT) Report FormFrom an operational perspective, we share an understanding with management that no one should stay on hold for hours. And, we know, first hand, that many of us are experiencing long call wait times when calling on Sick Leave to the same extent as when trying to get through to Crew Scheduling to get our concerns addressed. We have remained consistent in our messaging to Crew Scheduling.  Flight Attendants are waiting – way too long in their attempts to get through to management to accomplish the functions of their jobs.

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