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Reminder on Handling of Arrival Liquor at International Destinations

Date: July 1, 2022

Recent instances in DEL where liquor carts and/or carriers on flights inbound to the station were not properly sealed upon landing has signaled the need for a reminder on the procedures to be used for securing inbound liquor carts and carriers.   

As a reminder, closing inventories must be performed on the Sales function of the Inflight Service app.  For those International destinations that require accounting paperwork be submitted as a requirement for compliance with Customs formalities of the arrival country, use the Liquor Provisions Form (LPF) to record the counts.  Orange seals are to be used to lock carts and/or carriers with alcohol on all flights prior to landing

While this reminder might, for some of us, be viewed as unnecessary, we are doing so to heighten awareness that by not sealing carts and carriers with alcohol on flights arriving in certain International countries, penalties for the airline ranging from fines to potential seizure of the aircraft can be the unintended consequence. 

Additional information on the proper procedures can be found in the Inflight Policies and Procedures Manual (IPPM). 

Please contact your Local Council Office Safety, Health and Security Committee or your base supervisor if you are unclear about the proper procedures to be used.

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