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Management's Reaction to Our Solidarity

Date: July 15, 2022

In response to a recent Membership Update to you from MEC President Ken Diaz, and our ongoing Focus on Us! campaign, today, John Slater wrote directly to Flight Attendants with his view of current events along with what can only be viewed as an effort to disrupt our Solidarity.

The communication from John is a reaction to our Solidarity. It is clear that management is feeling the heat from our continued insistence that they fix the problems that are their responsibility and within their power to address.  Regardless of the reasons for these challenges, we want and deserve meaningful solutions and accountability, not excuses.

There is significant frustration and anger resulting from the extended period of irregular operations and aircraft schedule changes to which Flight Attendants have been subjected.  What seems to be missed is that frustration and anger is the focus of our Membership and, as a consequence, is the focus of the leadership of this Union.

While there is much in John’s message to the Membership with which we disagree, we can agree that it is not in anyone’s best interest to enter into public debates on representational issues and, in particular, those topics that are properly subject to collective bargaining.  The public forum is certainly not the place for personal attacks. We expected better of the Senior Vice President of Inflight.

We want solutions. This is not a problem that Flight Attendants who make up our Union created.  Simply because we didn’t accept the first solution proposed by management that meets their immediate needs and that impacts our Contractual reassignment language, does not mean we aren’t solution oriented.  Last week, we engaged with management in trying to find solutions and it should be clear – management could not find a way to meet any of the priorities identified in our response to them.  Read our response to management to learn more about what we proposed as solutions.

Let’s not lose sight of the fact that we have an obligation to consider both the long term and short-term impact of these changes on the Membership. And, we did.

Let’s get this fixed for the long term.  Keep wearing your AFA pins as we stand together in Solidarity to achieve a permanent solution to the many issues that are having an adverse impact on Flight Attendant quality of life and job satisfaction.  We’re in this together - stronger together, better together.

The MEC will be meeting next week in Chicago for our Summer Meeting of the United Master Executive Council. The timing of John’s communication provides the perfect opportunity for the MEC to discuss the next phase of our Focus on Us! campaign.

Stay tuned for more information.




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