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Summer MEC Meeting Recap

Date: July 22, 2022

The United Master Executive Council (MEC) met this week in Chicago for our Summer MEC meeting. The MEC engaged in informative discussion and lively debate on a number of issues that impact our Members.

During the first two days of our meeting, discussion among our Union leadership clearly indicated Flight Attendants have had enough. Your emphatic response to our collective effort to encourage United management to Focus on Us, that is more than 9,200 messages to John Slater and his management team, is a clear indication it is time for management to review their current action plan.

We will continue to demonstrate our collective resolve as we join our voices together in communicating to management the need for them to take our issues seriously and respond to the issues that have gone unresolved for far too long. As promised, this is only the beginning and, in the spirit of Summer, we’re going to turn up the heat. Keep an eye out for an update.

Our issues remain unresolved. Management needs to solve their problems and better support the hard-working, front-line workers who are the face of United Airlines.

A Recap of the meeting: <Day 1 Summary> <Day 2 Summary>

During the Executive Session on Day Three of our quarterly meeting, your Union leadership was provided a comprehensive update from our Negotiating Committee on the status of bargaining.

In addition, there were strategic discussions about how to best encourage strengthening the solidarity of our Members in not only accomplishing our collective goals but also in addressing the ongoing issues that seem to evade resolution by management.

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