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Focus on Us, Phase 2: Introducing the Flight Attendant Promoter Score (FPS)

Date: July 29, 2022

Focus on Us, Phase 2: Introducing the Flight Attendant Promoter Score (FPS)

Our Union’s recent efforts through your letters to John Slater and our request for you to provide feedback on call wait times have given us a response we can be proud of and management should take notice of. As we’ve discussed, there was more to come. Today we launch our newest initiative for you to provide feedback on how well management is doing in addressing many of our concerns.

As we all know, United has committed to providing exceptional customer service to their passengers. United regularly surveys and collects feedback on what areas they can improve upon to provide a better experience through their Net Promoter Score (NPS). United has made it very clear that this is one of the most important metrics they use and have invested a great deal of time and effort explaining to Flight Attendants all the different ways we can have a positive impact on United’s NPS score.

United also has another set of customers, aside from their passengers, that they have not yet solicited feedback from in the same comprehensive manner: United Flight Attendants. It’s just common sense that in order to provide a great experience to United passengers, those people providing the experience must feel valued and supported.

Being the problem solvers that we are, we thought we’d offer valuable insight on how management can improve this critical internal customer Flight Attendant experience. We are excited to announce our new Flight Attendant Promoter Score (FPS).

We are asking United Flight Attendants for your feedback on how current management is doing in a number of areas that impact our Flight Attendant experience.

We will be using a methodology based on standard NPS scoring. This has proven to be an effective gauge of passenger satisfaction, and we trust it will be just as effective in providing our feedback as well.

You can choose a number between 0-10, with zero meaning you are strongly disappointed and 10 meaning you are highly satisfied.

Flight Attendants who rate 9-10 are seen as promoters, those who rate 7-8 are seen as neutral or passive, and those who rate 0-6 are seen as detractors.

The FPS score is the percentage of promoters minus the percentage of detractors.

Each week we invite United Flight Attendant to provide feedback on the following 5 statements:

  1. I feel my contributions to our airline are valued
  2. I am able to trade my pairings/Reserve days with open time/pool
  3. I feel supported by management
  4. My contact with crew scheduling is timely and my issues are resolved
  5. Management is responsive to my needs during irregular operations

Each week you will have an opportunity provide new and updated feedback. We will update the current FPS score weekly, based on your responses.

Each Flight Attendant has the opportunity to fill out the survey once a week. At the end of the week, we will update the current FPS scores. This will give a strong visual indicator on where management has improved or what areas they need to continue work on.

United Inflight management has an invaluable tool to gauge the satisfaction of Flight Attendant’s in the workplace through FPS. Being responsive to Flight Attendant feedback will make a significant impact on our work environment and should have a correlating impact on United’s NPS scores.

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