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Reserve Touchless Check-In

Date: August 2, 2022

Last October the company announced the development of a touchless check-in procedure for Reserves assigned to Airport Standby. By logging into Mobile CCS, on top of the page under “My Trip,” you can access “Touchless Check-In.”

Using GPS technology, Mobile CCS will use your location within the airport to determine if your proximity to the base qualifies you to use Touchless Check-in. Location Services on your LINK device is only used to determine whether you are in the check-in area. If you click “Don’t Allow,” you will not be able to use this feature and must check in via the crew lounge phone.

As a reminder, Touchless Check-in is only available at those locations having a large number of Airport Standby positions, typically hub locations. Given the specialized equipment required to make Touchless Check-in a reality, the service is not offered at the smaller satellite bases or co-terminal locations. At these locations, the expectation is for Airport Standbys to contact the Crew Desk directly. 

For more details refer to our original article detailing the process.

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