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Access to the Non-Public Area of Our Website

Date: August 4, 2022

We continue to receive questions or assistance requests from Members wishing to access the non-public section of our www.unitedafa.org website. This is a Members only resource area that contains information specific to our work group that is not visible to the general public.

The FPS access has been the focus of getting into the non-public areas recently, but it’s also where you file reports, can view reports from MEC Committees such as Hotels, Scheduling, Reserve, Benefits, and EAP/Professional Standards along with other Union specific resources.

One question we regularly receive is “what is my seniority date?” For various reasons some of us may have more than one seniority date.  Here is how to find the information: your Inflight Seniority date is your “bid date.”  If you are unsure of your seniority date, look for your bidding seniority on CCS > Staffing > Staffing Report > Emp ID “employee number, with the u” > Submit > Bid Date information.

New hire Flight Attendants setting up an account on our website, may have a temporary delay in the ability to do so. New hire records can sometimes take between 30 and 45 days to be received from the company and incorporated into our system and much of this timing depends on when the new hire graduates and when the monthly record updates from the company is sent.

Additionally, when using the “forgot password” link, the email helping you to reset it will be sent to the existing email address on our records. If you submit a request to retrieve your password, and do not receive a response from the automated system within 72 hours, follow the instructions for recovery and reset on the help page.

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