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Flight Attendant Promoter Score (FPS) Update

Date: August 5, 2022

Earlier this week on Tuesday we provided you with a preview of what to expect when we update the Flight Attendant Promoter Score (FPS) each week. Results will be posted simultaneously on our MEC website and our dedicated AFAFPS.org website and both will have the score along with a breakdown of the percentages of promoters, passives, and detractors for the week.

Based on questions we are receiving in the MEC office, we want to point out that we handled the data we received this week a bit differently than we will be going forward based on the interest expressed by all of you. We did not “close” this past week’s survey on Tuesday, we merely took a “screen shot” of where we stood on that day. For all future weeks, we will only update the FPS displays on Friday. If you submitted your responses early in the week, you will not be able to participate in the survey again until next week.

The FPS was a -95% as of Tuesday. Your response and participation are nothing less than we anticipated based on the feedback you have consistently been providing your Union leadership. As with all standard NPS scoring models, our FPS will include the percentages based on how those who participated scored on the 0-10 scale and not specific numbers of participants.

Each Friday, the survey will close and a new survey asking the same statements will open for a one-week period. After the close of the survey each Friday we will publish updated scores and breakdowns, eventually including a graph detailing the ups and downs of each week’s results as the data is compiled.

Participation in the FPS is anonymous and the information we collect from the surveys remains confidential to our Union, always. We do require you to access the non-public area of our website to participate to ensure that only United Flight Attendants on the system seniority list can participate as well as to ensure the data we collect provides the credible scores we share with you. While access is limited and participation is anonymous, the results are public for anyone to view on our AFAFPS.org website.

You have communicated your expectation for meaningful change and actionable solutions crystal clear to our Union leadership.  With this newest approach tailored to show management their internal customer, Flight Attendant satisfaction levels through FPS, our goal is to strengthen your voice and to show management just how well they are doing in addressing your concerns and issues. The result is a very public display of how well management is doing while giving them every opportunity to fix very specific issues of concern.

The initial preview score of -95% is not a good score by any measure, there is enormous potential for it to get better should management meaningfully make changes that positively impact our issues. The score certainly has a great deal of room for improvement, and that is exactly the goal of FPS. If management will take notice, take action, and make changes in those areas we have identified, the scores should improve, and we can all see the results and the benefit of working together in finding non-concessionary solutions to problems management continues to struggle in solving.

We invite all Flight Attendants to participate each week and make your voice heard. We want your honest feedback, whatever that may be. If United improves on our issues, that should reflect in a more positive score. Remember our goal is a positive score that is reflective of how well our concerns are being addressed. We also invite you to review the information each week on www.AFAFPS.org to keep updated on the information.

Remember, we want United Airlines to do well. We want a positive score. We want to show up for work with the tools and support we need. We want to help management see what needs to be done to get us to our mutual goal of being the best airline in the world.

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