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Trading Positions? Changes Coming on Monday, August 29, 2022

Date: August 25, 2022

As management and scheduling personnel continue to review the processes that involve Crew Scheduling, work is underway to eliminate unnecessary “touch points” as a means to decrease wait times when calling FLTLINE (800-358-5463).

Beginning next week Monday, August 29, 2022, Flight Attendants trading positions on scheduled pairings will no longer need to call the Crew Desk to process the trade.  

Position trades involves two Flight Attendants who are working the same pairing who wish to trade work positions or a Flight Attendant trading for an open bid awarded premium position on the same pairing. Processing these trades in the past required the scheduler to perform a complete pairing swap on the Master Schedules of the involved Flight Attendants or swap the open bid awarded premium position. Recently, working with the Flight Crew Support Team, a full review of the process showed that these steps were not necessary before departure because these pay issues can be addressed after the pairing is flown. 

Effective with this change:

  • If a position trade does not involve premium pay, Flight Attendants need only advise the Purser on the pairing in question.
  • If a position trade does involve premium pay and trading two working positions on the same pairing, a pay exception request through Help Hub or the CCS Pay Register will need to be submitted.
    • Examples of these trade types include:
      • Trading from a non-premium position into a Galley position
      • Trading from a non-premium position into a Domestic or International Purser position
      • Trading from a non-premium position into a language position (by qualified Flight Attendants.)

 Pay exception requests should not be submitted via Help Hub or CCS until you have completed the pairing. 

It should be noted, as required by the language in Section 7.I.4., trading a pairing covering a premium pay position with another pairing having a scheduled departure less than one (1) calendar day after the trade requires the intervention of a scheduler in order to review the trade to ensure that all contractual trade rules and qualifications for each position are met. 

For additional information on accessing the Help Hub Form or the CCS form, review the August 24, 2022 Scheduling Alert.

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