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AFA and ALPA Professional Standards Endorse the “Union First” Concept

Date: August 30, 2022

Every AFA Member has access to the AFA Employee Assistance/Professional Standards (EAP/PS) Committee which serves as an alternative pathway when addressing conflicts which can arrive in the workplace. This occurs without management involvement. 

If you have an interpersonal issue on a trip with a flying partner, remember to "Contact your Union First.” This applies not only in regard to our working relationship with each other, but also with our professional pilots. AFA EAP/PS has a great working relationship with ALPA Professional Standards Committee to help address conflicts that arise between Flight Attendants and Pilots.

Professional Standards representatives of each of our Unions are trained in conflict resolution, can offer a third-party perspective, and can support behavior change through awareness. In fact, contacting your Professional Standards Committee often facilitates a quick resolution to most issues. 

If you are flying a pairing and you find yourself experiencing difficulty working with fellow crew members (Pilot or Flight Attendant) or simply have procedural questions, please contact a Professional Standards Committee member immediately. History has shown that involving the Committee immediately has helped many Flight Attendants and Pilots resolve their differences with maximum control over the outcome. When conflicts are reported to management and an investigation ensues, it does not always proceed as the complainant believes it will. The Committee has repeatedly seen that management settles these disputes to their satisfaction, and unfortunately, to the dissatisfaction of the employees involved.

For our newest Members, it’s not unusual to perceive the messaging from United management and that of your Union to be somewhat confusing. Know that all of our Professional Standards Representatives were once new hires. They understand the fact that you may see things that are inherently confusing when life on the line meets what is presented in the classroom. If you’re not sure about a certain procedure or have questions about anything that might be different from that which you learned in training, Professional Standards is the way to go. 

If you have questions or concerns, contact your EAP Professional Standards Committee at 1 800 424 2406. If you are in an international location and need assistance, refer to the following list of telephone numbers from International cities.

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